TBL1+ as an App

TheSignallingCompany (TSC), the company designing a digital ETCS OnBoard Solution, announced
today it is also developing an App functioning as TBL1+, the Belgian Class B system. The aim is to have
the TBL1+ functionality available as an App, meaning it can be downloaded onto any railway vehicle
and upgraded or maintained as necessary without manual labor required. The App will be developed in
the coming two years and launched in 2024. Lineas, the largest private rail freight company in Europe
and early customer of TSC, has already ordered the App.

The TBL1+ App will be the first in its kind in Europe and any future locomotive, from Lineas or other
customers, will be able to download the TBL1+ App from the Railway App Store, which is also under
construction within TheSignallingCompany. The App addresses some key challenges Railway
Undertakings are facing today by introducing automated and dematerialized Specific Transmission
Modules (STMs).

Lineas launch costumer

Lineas has placed an order at TheSignallingCompany to design, manufacture and certify the TBL1+ App,
to work fully integrated with the TheSignallingCompany ETCS Solution. It will be installed together with
the digital OBU into 88 locomotives as from 2024. The development process for the application itself
will take 2 years. The TBL1+ App will be maintained and upgraded as needed as part of the contract until

TheSignallingCompany is also in talks with several organizations and clients for developing other STM’s
for Class B systems to be added to the portfolio of Apps TheSignallingCompany is
developing. TheSignallingCompany and CAF Signalling launched an open cooperation on Class B
in December 20201. Other Apps, such as ATO and DAC, are being discussed as well.

Bruno Vanlede, Locomotive Fleet Manager at Lineas, commented: “As Lineas we’re delighted that our
ETCS supplier has proposed and validated the development of a TBL1+ App for Belgium, amongst other
future innovative Apps that will be available in their new Railway App Store. This is an important step
into the digitalization of the Rail sector as much less hardware will be needed on the loco and more
performant technology to operate wider, faster and in a more cost-efficiency way will be available for all
of us!”

Railway App Store

To house the App, TSC is also developing its Railway App Store. The platform will be the home to other
Apps providing functionalities of Class B systems, ATO, DAC or other game changers, contributing to
the ERTMS deployment in Europe.

The platform will allow for industrializing the implementation of ERTMS, moving away from a project
approach toward a product approach and by ensuring maintainability and upgradeability by design of the
signalling system and functions.

TheSignallingCompany is proud to be able to play its part into the digital future of Europe’s railway system
and the EU Green Deal. It would also like thank Infrabel for having published complete system
requirements specifications of TBL1+, ensuring a competitive market for TBL1+ STMs, in compliance
with the European deployment plan requirements.

End of press release

About The Signalling Company

We are building a better ETCS onboard solution, to make the signalling system of the future cost-effective, flexible and future-proof.

The Signalling Company is the result of a joint-venture between two Belgian companies: ERTMS Solutions, an industry leader in railway testing, maintenance and systems integration, and Lineas, the largest private rail freight operator in Europe.